First Improv Class

I improvised the other day, and did some improv. I’m so clever. I’m sure there’s a cleverer way of saying that, though.

This was a while ago, I forgot to write about it. I was just dropping off some resumes, and walked by a theatre that was advertising an improv show. I asked some random people standing outside about it, and one woman said it was cheaper if you attend the class beforehand. The class was open to anyone, and conveniently, it was starting right then, so I walked in.

I wasn’t really able to fully let go, so I’m not sure how much I enjoy it yet. I want to go more times and really get into it; I think I could really learn from it. Even from just that one night, I learned a whole bunch of stuff, some of which has been applicable to writing. For example, I learned that an ordinary story is often the best one; it’s not necessary to sensationalize things in order for them to be interesting. This simple piece of story-telling advice has already opened my eyes to more writing topics — you can really write about anything.


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  1. Great thoughts! I totally agree with you. I personally think that ordinary stories are often the best ones, because people can relate to them. That’s why they are so powerful and touching 😉

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