A Plan From the Heart

So I’m quite sure I’ve decided to spend the next four months with my sister in Toronto, working somewhere in order to save for KENYA!

There’s an organization that does work with an orphanage in Kenya and I want to go there. I am SO EXCITED about this.

I’m just a little bit nervous about quitting my job… and at the same time, I can’t wait, but I have to because I don’t want to quit before I’ve found a new one.

During those four months I can spend time with my family before they move far away (which happens in October), apply to volunteer, get my immunizations, spend more time on music and photography (and maybe get some kind of passive income set up), and be amazing. Maybe I can give some private music classes on top of my job, to make some extra money. And then travel and take photos! I can’t can’t can’t wait.

I am a ball of stress right now, though. But I’ve finally figured out a plan that excites me. I feel like I’m waking up!


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