The music in Me

I can’t die with my music still in me.

I’m not sure why, I’ve been thinking differently today.

At the end of my life, what will I regret not having accomplished? What skills will I regret not having acquired?

It seems very clear to me right now, but maybe that’s just because my thoughts have been here for a few days: I would regret not having become a good photographer, and I would have regret not having learned how to write good fiction and good songs. Learn how to write good, and learn how to shoot good.

I know that what I will regret at the end of my life is not having made this place better than when I got here, and it’s not clear to me how pictures and words will enable me to do this. But what I am observing more and more since being out of school, is that the people who accomplish great things have some sort of skill. Whether that’s being a good speaker, a good leader, a good writer or a good organizer. They have something.

I have also observed that people with extremely developed (and often unexpected) skills are those that accomplish things that I admire. It’s not always the person with a degree in political science; it might sometimes be the juggler whose “zest for life” (to borrow a phrase often used by my previous roommate… sigh. Miss, tear.) attracts crowds and inspires audiences with what he has to say. Or something like that.

So I’m thinking maybe I have to go with my gut, develop my talents like a fiend, and though my career options will be limited to those within my field, I will be able to choose those which align with my values and eventually network and collaborate with people who have the same goals as I have — and really get something done.


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