What Do You Want Most?

I’m curious.

What kind of guidance are you craving?

Where do you feel the most confused?

What kind of resources do you wish you had on-hand?

What do you wish you had more time for?

Which of your habits are really getting in the way of your happiness?

Which relationships in your life do you wish were healthier?

What do you find yourself reading about most often?

What part of your life is lagging behind?

What is holding you back?

What is your biggest dream?

I write this blog because it is therapeutic for me, but also because it makes me happy to know that I’m connecting with you and writing what you want to read.

Personally, at the moment I wish I had better career guidance. I am actually enlisting the help of a career coach, so maybe that will change things. My eating and exercising habits are really getting in the way of my happiness, especially since I sprained my ankle and have been semi-forced into a sedentary lifestyle. My biggest dream is to run my own business, within which I could use my talents to serve where I would be most useful.

Leave your comments below!



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2 responses to “What Do You Want Most?

  1. krafte

    Hi! I can’t answer all of your questions, but I will try and answer a few. I’m actually in a pretty good place right now, but looking back on my life I can definitely say that I’ve always been confused about and needed guidance on how to be myself, love myself, and use my own strengths to capitalize on my career. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of my life beating myself up for not being organized enough, on time enough, social enough, or good enough and I’ve ended up in jobs that haven’t been a good fit for me!! I am finally learning to recognize that who I am is enough, and I can use my strengths (writing, creativity, etc…) to pave my own path. However, I am still learning and working really hard to stay motivated (an area I always struggle with, I tend to drop things easily). My biggest dream is to connect with people on a large scale. It’s super vague but in my wildest dreams I am a psychologist who comes up with a new, original therapy or I write a novel. Good luck with your path and keep us updated on your career path!

    • bbbberries

      Thanks for replying! I think we have a lot in common, especially the part about wanting to be a novelist or psychologist with original therapy! I’ve got those same, vague dreams. In fact, I’ve starting looking into becoming trained as a life coach. It might sound wishy washy and you don’t get the fancy PhD, BUT you also don’t get all the red tape and you can potentially have just as much or more influence!

      I’ve struggled with motivation as well. Lately I’ve kind of been on a good roll because I have something to research and get interested in (life coaching) and I haven’t felt the desire to drop it yet. What I’ve found with motivation is that it’s better when you don’t call it a thing, when you don’t acknowledge its presence or absence. Rather, I pay attention to what I do effortlessly and what I feel compelled to do, only. When I fill my mind with that, start to do more of it, and also don’t force myself to do things I don’t feel like doing, I find that “motivation” stops being in my vocabulary. When it comes to things like eating right, what helps me is just taking away the choice. If I KNOW it makes me happier or if it just simply needs to get done, e.g., taxes, then I just do it, period–I don’t let my feelings sway my decision. (I’m coming to a very deep understanding of how much stress and disappointment are NOT worth the laziness and uncertainty). If I’m not sure what makes me happy, then I experiment and figure it out. Taking the choice away makes things SO much easier! It’s difficult to implement, but it’s been very helpful for me so far.

      And I’ve definitely ended up in many jobs that haven’t been good fits for me. But almost every time, and I wonder if it’s the same for you, I took a job that I THOUGHT would be a good fit for me, or that I believed SHOULD be a good fit for who I wanted to be. And I needed those experiences to know that I was wrong, because thought experiments are never enough. It’s so funny how we end up learning exactly what we need to know 🙂

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