Making Money vs. Being Happy

Lately, I’ve been spending almost every second of my day thinking about what kind of business I want to start. Nothing feels right… but now I know why: I’m too focused on bringing things to me, rather than letting them flow from me. I don’t spend enough time making myself happy, giving myself what I need and developing the skills I can’t help but use.

For some reason, shifting my focus from money to myself feels dangerous–so I know I’ve hit something important, because that’s ridiculous. I decided to sit down with myself today to unravel a belief that was keeping me stuck:

:: If I were to make myself happy with no concern for money, I would experience a slow decline into bankruptcy.

In other words, if I were to focus on being happy and ignore the job search, the business start-up, and generally ways to bring money into my life, there would be not enough money coming in to support my spending, and I’d end up, ultimately, unhappy.

I don’t like this belief, and focusing on income is not how I want to live my life–but that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I spend a lot of time thinking, but nothing gets past the brainstorm stage because nothing feels right. I don’t want this–I want to be happy, create effortlessly, and spend my time with people I love and in places that comfort & nourish me.

So, I’m trying to reprogram myself to believe something else.

Here we go:

:: Making myself happy benefits and provides value to others. Even though being happy is its own reward, when people truly benefit from something, they love to give in return.

:: Being on the happy path is being on my true path, and the universe conspires to support me on this path.

:: Not only that, but to be happy, I love creating things that people enjoy. So I should focus on making myself happy and creating value… and everything will flow back to me from there. 

So, this is what I have to do:

I need to start with being happy. That can mean thinking different thoughts, taking care of myself and spending time doing what I love doing.

I’ll always come across people who want something from me, but if I’m practised at being happy, I can quickly turn away whatever brings me out of that state, and I’ll also quickly recognize when I can draw from my favourite skill set to solve a problem–and I’ll be happy to do it. AND, the recipient will be more than happy to reward me. If they aren’t, then a long-term financial relationship isn’t in the stars anyway.

I’m realizing that I still need to figure out what makes me happy and which skills I love to use, even though I thought I had figured that out. I know this because in the coming months I have some wide open time… and I’m feeling a little bit afraid that without the responsibility & satisfaction of a job, I won’t know how to take care of myself.

And this is the MOST IMPORTANT part. We only truly have control and responsibility of our own lives, so this is where we need to place our focus. Most of us have grown up being taught and believing that we have a responsibility to be of service to others. And while that can certainly be satisfying, the spin-off of that is that somewhere inside, we believe that someone is going to save us. We wait for the true love, we wait for the perfect job opportunity, we wait for something to change, for our friends to be nicer to us, for our parents to stop nagging us, for happiness to come. It doesn’t work that way… we’ve got to create what we want.

And, I truly believe that the best way to heal & inspire anyone is to be an incredibly uplifting presence. The people who most inspire me are those who are tapped in to their own happiness and support themselves, and that’s why I believe that it’s possible for me. I love believing that I am responsible for me.

I also believe that we love to be of service to others, not only as an uplifter, but in many other ways. So you can’t make yourself truly happy without engaging and co-creating with others. And THEN… the money will come.

I need to spend less time thinking and scheming.

This is going to take trust, but if that’s what it takes to live passionately, I’m going to have to try it out.

Long story short:

Step 1 (all-time most important step): Light yourself up.
Step 2: Create, create, create, have fun.
Step 3: Pay attention to where you can be of service.
Step 4: If you’re inspired to, create, create, create, have fun.
Step 5: Money rolls in. 


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