How to get kicked off a couch

Be me, today.

Okay, that was bad.

I’ve been staying on my friend’s couch these days, and I told her from day one that whenever she wanted me out, I’d be out immediately.

I thought I was going to be here for a week, but her and her roommates were generous enough to let me stay for two months. She told me today that she talked to her roommates and was wondering if I could find another couch. It’s finally time to go.

I get it. Even though I don’t have much stuff with me and am here only half the time, having someone living in your communal area gets old after a while. If I were the one offering space, I wouldn’t care so much about the zero rent aspect of it, but having someone sprawled on my couch when I want to watch a movie would bum me out. So much.

I get it, but why do I still feel hurt? They have all been so nice to me, and I never expected to stay here forever, and I also told her at the beginning that I wanted somewhere to stay “until she kicked me out.” So I knew this was coming. I did this to myself, actually.

I guess I overestimated the thickness of my skin. It’ll pass. I need my own place.

I found a place on Craigslist that I can sublet for $300, which is an amazing price for downtown Toronto, but amazingly still over-budget for me. I’ll have to make it work. Hopefully I hear back from this one!


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  1. I just read about changing location this morning. I was advised to imagine and write down a list of the qualities that my new home would have. The universe will help you!!! Keep us posted. I know this is good change for you, I can feel it.

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