A formula for life, maybe?

I can’t shake my obsession with creating a formula for happiness using the law of attraction and other processes I have found useful, hoping it will simplify my life. Whether it’s doing that or complicating it, I can’t say.


Here are some guiding principles:

:: We know that we think, and then we attract more of what we feel, because of the actions we take when we feel. Circumstances–>Thoughts–>Feelings–>Actions–>Results.

:: We know that we must always do what feels good. 

:: We know that we must love the NOW, above all else, and be excited for the future.

:: Everything is done for, or to avoid, a feeling.

:: If something we want is attached to a negative feeling, we will repel it.

:: There is a point Z. To avoid overwhelm, we will not focus on that.

:: We must commit to the following process for it to work.


And here are the steps:

:: What do you not want?

:: What would be an upgrade (Point A)? What do you want?

:: Create a short painted picture for 6 months from now. Where are you in 6 months, ideally? Feel yourself there. Let it feel good.

:: Now, declutter your mind. What is stopping you from getting that? Why are you repelling it? What is stopping you from taking the steps that will get you there?

:: Why? Why? If you don’t know the answer, keep asking. If that doesn’t work, get someone else ask you. This is the moment to let yourself feel what you’ve been avoiding. Be brave, be willing. A feeling is fleeting. Bring awareness to it, and let it pass.

:: Where are the negative feelings in your body? Ask your body what it needs. Answer from its perspective, in the form of “I want you to know that…” Finish this sentence over and over for 30 seconds, non-stop.

:: Speak to your child self. Ask what it needs. If the child asks a question, answer the question as the child. Often there is release here, simply due to you acknowledging YOU.

:: Once you have the body’s or the child self’s thought, do a focus wheel. Find a slightly better-feeling thought, and then another.

:: Feel better. There should be less resistance to the painted picture (Point A). Re-list its major points.

:: Find the tiny, immediate actionable steps you can take to get there, which you can now take with less resistance and more joy.

:: Having decluttered and taken inspired action, be grateful and surround yourself with positivity in order to take more inspired action.

:: This should be a fun, clarifying exercise. Repeat when less-than-satisfying circumstances arise.


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  1. A Table in the Sun

    From your list above, the guiding principal that has had the most effect on my life has been focusing on and loving NOW. In our brain agitating world of light speed information, where all problems can be researched and “solved” on the internet, we forget that problems are put into our lives at exactly the right time, and for a specific reason. We needn’t SOLVE, ACT, or WAIL………….just allow the problem to inform us of its foundation without constantly thinking and strategizing. This involves sitting and being at peace…..nothing more.

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