An example of planning for the next step

Painted picture for Point A, 6 months from now

Part 1. Universe, please, present me with work that:

– I can do entirely online

– only takes about half a work week

– I can reasonably enjoy

– lets me make a secure, predictable, comfortable $2000/month

– I can leave at any time, on good terms with my employer

Focus wheel–kind of. I turned my negative and repelling thoughts about this situation into slightly better-feeling, positive (what is wanted, not unwanted), ones. I will re-read this and update as newer, brighter and fresher thoughts and ideas come:

I think it is possible to do something I enjoy and will make me enough money to live comfortably, but I can’t imagine what it is right now. Maybe if I do something I can tolerate for now, a better job will become available to me vibrationally. “Tolerable” is what I’m doing right now, and it isn’t so bad. I make enough and I have enough time. It would be better if I wasn’t tied down to a location and made comfortable money, rather than just the bare minimum; but I’m looking for an upgrade and that’s what this would be. I believe it is possible to find stable, secure work that I can start without training and leave at any time and on good terms with my employer, but I can’t imagine it right now. I believe it is possible to make comfortable money without giving away all my time, but I can’t imagine it right now. I think that if I find something that resonates, I won’t mind updating my resume so much, or sending over my blog. I see that people are hiring more and more in the personal development field, which means I am more likely to be hired for my strengths. I think it’s possible to find something that I am qualified for. I think it’s possible that I am qualified to do something online for more than minimum wage, but I don’t know what that is. I think that if I looked, I could find it. I also think that it could present itself in mysterious ways, and I am ready for that. And I am also ready for something even better for what I ask for, because I know you want to help me. I trust you, and I release to you my worries and resistance. I will be patient and let momentum build.

I made sure that the painted picture feels good, AND that the “slightly-better thoughts” feel good too:

That feels good, and I will be grateful for the upgrade, even if it isn’t my point Z.

I am grateful for what I have been given:

Thank you for providing me with my most recent upgrade, which lets me listen to music at work, makes me enough money to live, and lets me have half of my week for enjoying nature, friends, travel and projects.

The next step is finding evidence for my new thoughts (this should feel fun):

Find an online job board and explore the options, whether or not they apply to me.



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2 responses to “An example of planning for the next step

  1. A Table in the Sun

    Great plan. Six months from now, you’ll look back at this post and be amazed at the changes.

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