I want to build an online business.

Sup y’all!?

So, I want to create an online business.

It’s kinda hard for me to admit this out loud/in writing because I can just hear eyes rolling (I know that’s not you. But if it is… you might avoid being supremely annoyed by reading something else.).

Whatever yo! It’s what I want.

I’ve been stuck here for about a year and a half, knowing it’s what I want and not making any measurable progress (other than overall happiness, but who cares about that? :P).

No more. I’ve taken the courses. I’m part of amazing entrepreneurial communities. I know what to do. I’m committed to this.

Well, really what I’m committed to is building a life of freedom. Whether that means building an online business or whether it means something else, I’m going to do it. I want everything out of life, and I’m prepared to work for it.

I do, however, reject the idea of “work” as something gruelling and repulsive. Sure, I work a night shift part-time at a grocery store, but I’m not using it as the foundation I build a house and family on. I won’t be there much longer, and well, it helps me exercise my positivity muscle. Ahem.

My vision of my life defines “work” as something so fun it blows everyone’s mind. And that’s what an online business represents to me right now: fun work.

So I’m going create things and give them away for free, methinks, and see what you guys like. Feedback and requests are welcome and encouraged! 🙂



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4 responses to “I want to build an online business.

  1. I know sometimes life seems… kind of futile? or, the idea of being free [unburdened] is so far away and then again, it is so inspiring. What a paradox.
    Just know that everything you do inspires someone else. ❤

    • bbbberries

      Yeah freedom can seem so far away, can’t it? In my experience though, it never is. Get away from your crazy monkey brain for a moment or work on something important to you and you’ve found it 🙂

  2. I too have my own online business and love the freedom it has given me. I’ve been able to put in my letter of resignation at my job and am moving to Costa Rica in a few months.
    Freedom really is amazing and I love the relationships that I’ve been able to build through working online.
    Here’s to your success!

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