Bucket list

*May 2013 update: I like the idea of a bucket list but I haven’t used one in a couple of years. If I revive this one, I’ll let you know. 🙂

To see if I’ve posted anything related to an item, look for the number under “Tags” to the right of the screen, and click!

Bold = completed.
Italic = in progress.
Strikethrough = abandoned.

1. Sketch and paint in Barcelona.
(Tentative completion date: –)
2. Learn Peter, Paul & Mary’s “Stewball”.
3. Become famous for something.
4. Take pictures and party in Berlin because they’re crazy there.
5. Perform at clubs in Dublin because the music scene is awesome, and take pictures because it’s beautiful.
6. Learn a Wallflowers song.
7. Get a licence to drive a motorcycle.
8. Buy a motorcycle.
9. Get a van or rent one, keep only the shit that fits inside, and go on an extended trip.
10. Roadtrip across Canada.
11. Roadtrip across the US.
12. Perform at an open mic.
— 12.1. Be comfortable performing at an open mic.
13. Perform at a poetry reading or slam.
14. Put together an LP album.
15. Learn every song on Modest Mouse’s We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.
16. Visit the site of a crop circle.
17. Visit an actual haunted site in Montreal.
18. Fall in love.
19. Get married.
20. Bungee jump.
21. Perform at a comedy club.
22. Take an improv class.
23. Learn to speak German.
24. Publish a book of my poetry.
25. Volunteer in an elderly care unit.
26. Do street art somewhere in the city.
27. Write street poetry somewhere in the city.
28. Write my poetry somewhere in the city streets.
29. Write a short story.
30. Make a short film.
31. Go to a bar alone.
32. Do one thing to meet new people every day for a week.
33. Smile big at a stranger.
34. During a period of probable depression, go to the gym everytime it hits, regardless of whether I “want” to or not.
35. During a period of probable depression, write everytime it hits, regardless of whether I “want” to or not.
36. Get into trouble with the law without actually upsetting anyone.
37. Congratulate myself for a success by writing about one every day for a week.
38. Become an activist.
39. Learn 40 popular songs in order to be able to play in pubs.
40. Become a night owl.
41. Hitchhike.
42. Try MDMA.
43. Become a skilled dancer.
44. Learn to drum.
45. Write and publish a Young Adult Fiction novel.
46. Become a working intuitive coach.
47. Ask my crush to kiss me.
48. Get my Smart Serve.
49. Get my TEFL.
50. Take a kickboxing class.
51. Take an editing course.
52. Read a book about food security.
53. Volunteer with animals.
54. Become a yoga teacher.


10 responses to “Bucket list

  1. Congrats on all the bold items on your list! Cute idea.

  2. Jen

    What an awesome read. Thank you. Just turned 41 years old in feb. single mum of 8 and 17 year old kids. I just started kickboxing class and have taken up base guitar. Lovin life!

  3. Careful there with number 3. You might want to be a bit more specific! Love your blog.

  4. I like this, Its like looking in the mirror. Well done!

  5. You could just about finish the list if you just by the van and take off across America or Canada or Europe or wherever. You might sing somewhere, learn the songs, learn the language, fall in love, get married, learning to drum, etc. Sounds like you need to get on the road.

  6. Great list…I had to look some of the abbreviations up, so I learned things today, which is always a bonus. 🙂

  7. I like all the 30’s, especially 33 and 37. Best of luck on achieving your goals!!

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