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My emergency toolkit for anxiety. This, too, shall pass.

The goal here is to get out of your mind when your thoughts are racing. Try these:

:: Get on the floor. Do a plank for as long as you can.

:: Do some relaxing yoga, or some intense yoga.

:: Run or exercise for as long as you need to. I’ve stayed out running/walking for 3 hours before.

:: Play a game. Disney trivia?

:: Check things off your to-do list. Just get stuff done.

:: Do before you think.

:: Listen to this. Here’s why. (In a nutshell, scientists are involved, it’s meant to slow your heart rate and induce sleep. I listened to this NONSTOP during my most recent–and worst–anxiety spell, and credit a lot of my recovery to it.)

:: Or this. Cry a bit.

:: Or THIS.

:: Write! Journal!

:: Scream. Hey, don’t knock it. It works. Use a pillow if you don’t want to freak people out.

:: Call a crisis line if you even think you might need to.

:: Slow your breathing.

:: Do some deep belly breathing or breath of fire, which is the breathing shown in this video. Also, do that meditation, it’s great.

:: Meditate. Watch your thoughts. That’s all they are.

:: This one I got from a therapist, and it isn’t that bad. Name 5 things you can see, then 5 you can feel, then 5 you can hear. Describe. Repeat.

:: Find sunshine. Bask in it.

:: Clean something.

:: Create a small, actionable goal and achieve it. Or do something for which focus is absolutely necessary, and then give yourself a treat.

:: Swear.

:: Watch intensely as the seconds go by on a clock. Count slowly. Try to sync your breathing to your counting.

:: Watch some comedy.

:: Watch Harry Potter.

:: Find some puppies and cuddle. Or just Youtube them.

:: If you like to drive, drive somewhere. Anywhere. Preferably somewhere new. Play some music. Chase a sunset.

:: Drink lots of water.

:: Ask your angels for support. Release your burdens to them. They want to help.

:: Postpone your worry. Designate time for worrying, and time for relaxation. Create strict timeframes. That way, you can rest assured that if something needs worrying about, you’ll get to it.

:: See a therapist.

:: Read and learn about relaxation and thought control.

:: Do something that scares you a little bit (but would be good for you), like an open mic, for example. The adrenaline will get you RIGHT out of your current cycle. Sometimes even just thinking about realistically doing this is enough to break the pattern.

:: Cry it out. All of it. Watch some sad movies, if that helps.

:: Give yourself somewhere to go, something to do or collaborate on, and someone to report back to.

:: Paint.

:: Play guitar, or other instrument.

:: Climb a mountain.

:: Watch children be children. Or sing. (This is another one I’m so thankful to have found. The song is about 3/4 way through.)

:: Read this.


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Create Sacred Space Around Every Moment

When I’m getting anxious about something I have to do (and should do, like, probably NOW), but I don’t want to do it… I just get real with myself that I’m not going to.

Let’s say it’s 2:15pm and I’ve got to weed the garden, but I’m really comfortable and I don’t want to move. My thoughts go wild, I make excuses, and I resent whomever I decide to blame that day.

Weeellll… I’m starting to get into the habit of telling myself: “It’s okay. Take the next 5 minutes to just lay here. Don’t worry about anything. Just sit still, let yourself fall into oblivion. Don’t feel guilty about anything–it’ll be over sooner than you think. No one is going to wonder where you are or what you’re doing. You’re safe right now. In 5 minutes, see how you feel, and make another decision then.”

Feel the quiet of those 5 minutes. How much you can actually savour each second if you try. How slowly a minute goes by, and how healing it can be when it is yours, and yours only.

It’s also helpful to pinpoint who you are trying to please in forcing yourself to take action. Are you doing it for yourself or for someone else? If it’s for someone else, are you attaching any of your (inherent) worthiness to the task’s completion? Bad, bad. Don’t do that! If it’s for yourself, are you riding yourself too hard? Is your intuition trying to steer you in a different direction? Or do you just need to watch an episode of The New Girl (love) and you’ll be good to go?

We spend so much of our time worrying about and dreading what we have to do that it just ends up wasted. You get nothing done, and you feel like crap.

I say:

It’s okay to procrastinate, but at least let yourself rejuvenate during that time. When you’re ready, take a moment to clarify your motives and, if needed, alter your direction.

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