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Beautiful poem about following your heart and the consequences of weakness in the face of adversity.


The water makes peace with you tonight,
and sailing below the eager starlight,
you can check your compass
and your maps with care.

Your finger can tap
this point and that,
and slide against a winding river,
but it’s your heart that must choose the path
with a rhythm it can follow
and you sigh,
for tonight,
the rhythm won’t be found.

With shameful blood
and quivering breath
you force your compass closed
and your wide-eyed thoughts
to rest.

Now out your open mouth
climbs Uncertainty
(who seldom sleeps)
to take the wheel
and he steers toward the land,
your destination forgot.

Hungry hands swarm to pull you in.
Dozens of glowing, slender bodies,
nightmares in white nightgowns,
agitated and elegant
whispering hexes disguised under a melody.

The ocean’s lips roll open
and fall shut at the poison shore,
hesitating to speak,
trying to argue a lost case.
You wake…

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