Things I love

These are things that make me happy. Things I love to see and do, smell, experience, etc. Things I am so, so grateful for.

I challenge you to make your own list! Gratefulness is an important practice: it keeps you in a position of power, love, generosity and creativity. This sort of list is also great to revisit when you start forgetting who you are, when you’re having a bad day or when you need inspiration. It will lead you home.

Also, remember to stuff as much of it into your daily routine as possible.

♥ This stuff. ♥ Biking. ♥ 60s songwriters. ♥ Wind. ♥ Dogs. ♥ Facing fears. ♥ Dancing. ♥ Running. ♥ Stand-up comedy. ♥ Late-night talk shows. ♥ Going to Chapters or Indigo to drink coffee and read for hours and no one bothers me. ♥ Making people laugh. ♥ Making people who don’t smile often laugh. ♥ Photography from the 60s or earlier. ♥ Snail mail. ♥ Planning my life late at night/early in the morning. ♥ Funny TV shows. ♥ People who love unconditionally. ♥ Beat poets. ♥ Celebrity gossip. ♥ Books. ♥ Helping those who can’t remember how to help themselves. ♥ Earrings (crazy or otherwise). ♥ Purses. ♥ Being humbled by the power, unpredictability, finality of death. ♥ Climbing mountains. ♥ Heights. ♥ Nutrition. ♥ Craig Ferguson. ♥ The excitement of new love. ♥ Rooftops. ♥ Writing & creating late at night or early in the morning. ♥ Potlucks. ♥ Barbeques. ♥ Hot, endless showers. ♥ Steaming baths. ♥ Eating in restaurants. ♥ Hotels. ♥ Blisters. ♥ Compliments. ♥ Coffee. ♥ The sense of touch. ♥ Jotting notes. ♥ Family. ♥ Freedom. ♥ Friends. ♥ Sunrise & possibility. ♥ Birds on electrical wires. ♥ Not having to find a reason and not wanting to. ♥ Following, loving, and listening to my body. ♥ What my body can do. ♥ Loving things. ♥ Underwear & nakedness. ♥ Dreams. ♥ Daydreams. ♥ Thoughts. ♥ Travel. ♥ 24-hour cafés. ♥ New toys (such as my new cell phone!). ♥ Climbing anything. ♥ Getting to know myself. ♥ Getting to know others. ♥ My iPod. ♥ Thankfulness. ♥ Fluid motions. ♥ Straight lines in dance. ♥ Sleeping in the evening and waking at midnight. ♥ Mornings. ♥ Dirt. ♥ Getting dirty. ♥ Sweat. ♥ Don’t-touch-the-floor & stepping where you didn’t know you could step. ♥ Duvets. ♥ Lofts. ♥ Strength. ♥ Quiet. ♥ Peace of mind. ♥ Rolling around in my bed however I want to. ♥ Licorice. ♥ The love that went into the architectural and artistic design of old churches. ♥ My sister. ♥ Iron and Wine. ♥ Horses. ♥ Speed. ♥ These haikus. ♥ Having coffee sitting outside. ♥ Playing with my watercolours. ♥ Walking my dog outside. ♥ Watching a movie in the afternoon with my parents. ♥ Reading a book. ♥ Eating healthy. ♥ Wearing a cute outfit. ♥ Abraham-Hicks. ♥ Steve Pavlina. ♥ Shel Silverstein. ♥ Harry Potter. ♥ Baking, especially for others. ♥ Morning crosswords, especially with my parents. ♥ Sitting outside on a porch in the sunlight, looking at mountain view. ♥ Writing snail mail to friends with little treasures inside. ♥ Working out at the gym, outside or in classes. ♥ Reading in the afternoon or at night before bed. ♥ Driving somewhere + blasting music. ♥ Private dance parties. ♥ Chill BBQs. ♥ Blogging ’till I’m empty. ♥ Magical concepts. ♥ Birthdays. ♥ Fairies. ♥ Interior design. ♥ Style + fashion. ♥ Online streaming TV shows. ♥ Writing imaginative stories. ♥ My dogs. And all other dogs. ♥ The jokes my dad tells. ♥ Laughing with my mom. ♥ Laughing with my sister. ♥ Fuzzy socks + bundling up for bed early with a book or TV show or Youtube. ♥ Writing poems. ♥ Writing melodies. ♥ Basketball with friends. ♥ Laughing with friends. ♥ Improv. ♥ A comfortable home. ♥ Dancing all crazytown with friends. ♥ Banal work or meditation + blasting music. ♥ Speaking on a recording. ♥ Sharing my favourite art, music, or words. ♥ Expressing myself through video. ♥ Dancingggggg. ♥ Instagram. And Tumblr. ♥ My affirmation post-its. ♥ Painting landscapes while listening to old music. ♥ Driving in the sunny autumn skies and listening to oldies while jotting down the songs I want to learn on the guitar. ♥ Pranks. ♥ Pinterest. ♥ Complimentary breakfasts. ♥ Being pampered. ♥ Groggy eyes in the sunrise and heat on my bare nightgowned shoulders. ♥ Taking a step in the right direction. ♥ Youtube subscriptions. ♥ Inside the actor’s studio. ♥ Comedians in cars getting coffee. ♥ Painting. ♥ Project Free TV. ♥ Pottermore. ♥ Drumming. ♥ Romance movies. ♥ Visiting model apartments or houses. ♥ Decorating or house shows. ♥ Having a calendar full of things to look forward to. ♥ Basking in romance novels before bed. ♥ Listening to music. ♥ People who love politics, because I don’t. ♥ Running a radio show and sharing my loves. ♥ Looking forward to a shiny new trip. ♥ Spending time at the gym, doing yoga or meditation. ♥ Singing. ♥ Cooking for people and entertaining. ♥ Putting together a performance that gets me alive. ♥ Using my strengths and talents FOR people. ♥ Statistics and math problems. ♥ New Girl. ♥ Christina Aguilera. Fabulous and unapologetic. ♥ Justin Bieber’s example of focus. ♥ Super Soul Sunday. ♥ Dr. Wayne Dyer. ♥ Board games. ♥ Blankets in the cold. ♥ Simple wisdom from end-of-life experiences. ♥ Making ridiculous photos and videos on Photobooth. ♥ Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington. ♥ Itunes radio stations. ♥ Calm Radio. ♥ Pictures and videos with friends of good times. ♥ My sister and I’s songwriting collaboration on Soundcloud. ♥ Zooey Deschanel singing on Youtube. ♥ Winnie the Pooh. ♥ Role models. ♥ Zooey Deschanel’s light and enthusiasm. ♥ Danielle Laporte – her soul shines through and I feel like I could be friends with her. ♥ Whose Line Is It Anyway? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Interviews with inspiring people. ♥ Itunes comedy radio. ♥ Jake and Amir. ♥ Emmy roundtable interviews. ♥ Lemon tea for anxiety. ♥ SoulPancake. ♥ Using gambling to practise the Law of Attraction. ♥ Hello Giggles. ♥ Connecting deeply with people through expression. ♥ Human generosity. ♥ Kid President. ♥ Dancing to funny songs and starting a dancing imitation circle, following the dancing leader. ♥ When someone respects me enough to poke fun at me. ♥ Ellen Degeneres. ♥ Hay House Radio. ♥ Goddess Circle. ♥ SNL. ♥ My Kindle. ♥ Her Future. ♥ Positively Positive. ♥ Improv Everywhere. ♥ ♥ Twitter inspiration. ♥ Sadness. ♥ Beautiful spaces. ♥ Confidence vitamins. ♥ Comics. ♥ Party Down. ♥ Community. ♥ Adventure Time.


4 responses to “Things I love

  1. $öU ;)

    I like the way you’ve listed out the things you like. I had once started that in a notebook then I stopped I think I should continue 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration 😉

  2. You love bike too? 🙂 Lots of other stuff I like, but have to get my butt dabbler, etc.

  3. a very long list..

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