I was doing a yoga video the other day, and the teacher instructed viewers to “arrive” on our mats. This idea has stuck with me since, even though it’s a concept that, really, we’ve all heard over and over. “Be present.” “Be in the moment.” “Your power is in the now.”

But that day, I really heard it. If you’ve decided on a course of action, it’s because you think you’ll receive some payoff from it. But if you don’t “arrive”, you block yourself off from the very thing you wanted from it in the first place.

I wasn’t going to feel the benefits of my practice if I was still fighting against the idea of doing it. If I was thinking about the dishes I still had to wash when I went back to the kitchen, or the phone call I missed while I was in the shower. Even innocent thoughts would cause me to miss out on the entire point of what I had chosen to do.

What’s the point of doing anything if you haven’t arrived?

Pretty much across the board, it feels worse to fight against what is currently happening, and it’s foolish to take yourself out of something you’ve specifically chosen to feel better.

Simply allowing your mind to catch up with your body, to arrive, allows your alignment to click into place. It takes one moment of intention and it makes all the difference.


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